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New Color!!

Happy Friday!!

I am writing to you from my son’s house with a pup cuddled up beside me!! Can’t get better than that. The past two weeks has been a whirlwind of filling orders and making new colors.  When inspiration hits I do with it, mostly because I don’t really have a choice. I am usually consumed until I get it all down on the yarn.

I am working right now with a lot of subtle hues and expanding our Shaded Solid range. Some of those will not be up for a little bit longer. I need to finesse the photography. I have added a few though as you can see below. Also a few new colorways for this Christmas season.  I do love this time of the year and the holidays with it. My favorite aspect of the holiday at this time of year is being with my family and friends and spreading the love.

For me gratitude is a daily practice, it’s not an easy one some days but it is one that is expansive and enlightening and enriches my life in ways I probably am not even aware of.

Today I would like to thank all of you for being a part of our Blue Moon family and our fiber community at large. All of the beautiful and diverse souls that are who we are. One of my favorite parts about the world we live in is how different we are all and yet the same on so many levels!! Thank you for sharing all you with us!!  We see  and appreciate you!

Okay….here we are!!!

So… my favorites are ALL of the plummy ones. I just love them!! And they would make a stunning fade of some sort! I’m pretty tickled with Snow Cone. Pine cone colors with white and a wee bit of grey for the snowy sparkle. I am in the process of adding these so if a few do not show yet they will be there this weekend!

And coming soon to our Coven Collection!!

These three do not have names yet and I need to do the photography over so you can see the subtle shading better but here they are in all of the neutral beauty!!

Okay so the family is awake and this a family morning for me so I am going go have coffee!!!

We are running offering a 15% off Special code this weekend as a THANK YOU for you patience and support this year. Starts now and is good until Tuesday! Oh and we are well stocked with yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!

That code is: thankewe19

Sock Club we are shipping next week!!!

Happy Friday!!












It’s very early in the morning and instead of tossing and turning I’m decided I would make use of this time to write this post. I have a hard time with the whole fall back and gain an hour time change. I never really adjust to it. Luckily for me in 2020 Oregon goes to constant daylight savings time so this is the last shift. I am thrilled!

It’s been a very busy week in Blue Moonland with the Full Beaver moon in all of it’s glory starting the week off.


Our new dyers Kelsie and Karen are catching on so very fast and we are getting caught up on all the things.  I actually had tie this week to make new colors! I know!!! And get this…to knit. I mean in al honesty I should be putting more time in on getting the new website tested so we can get it up. However there is only so many hours at a stretch that I can stare at a computer screen without my brain melting and my eyes hurting.

Anyway I am knitting a very simple infinity scarf for myself. Yup for me!! I am knitting it in our Ripple and I am seriously possessed with this yarn. I am not usually a fan of bulky knitting but I’m telling you the texture and color on this is addicting. I know I am driving team Blue Moon a little crazy with my constant delight. I am one of those knitters that talks to their knitting praising it for it’s beauty, complimenting it on how it feels at it slips through my fingers and onto the needles and then how each stitch display into  a stunning fabric.










I’m smitten! I am knitting it in our Super Worm Moon colorway and just having the best time. I am challenged enough in life right now that my knitting needs to be the mindless kind that soothes and comforts and this sure is doing the trick.










I am farther along than this picture shows but it is shows off the color and it’s dark out still so I can’t take a picture yet this morning to show it off more! Don’t worry I will! If you have not yet ordered this I highly recommend that you do. It’s soooo good!

It’s time for a color change so we’ve sent some of the more Autumn colors off to the spa and added in some of our Holiday ones as promised. As I mentioned I’ve been making new colorways so we will be adding those in also in the next few weeks. If there are any Holiday or Winter type colorways of ours you’d liek to see please do let us know.

Also if you have any color wishes for new colors. I’m feeling super inspired at the moment working on some crazy cool neutrals and complex shaded solids along with some other fun  color ideas I have had floating around in my little color brain.










Okay well it’s time to go out and get things prepped for the day. We’ve been blessed with extraordinarily beautiful mornings as of late so my walk morning walk to the dye barn has been quite magical. I had my morning coffee earlier in the week standing in the garden with Phoebe bathed in mystical foggy moonlight!








Have a wonderful day!!


We are here!!

I realized this week when a few of you emailed asking if I was okay that maybe it had been awhile since I posted.  I am fine. We are fine. Actually we are all kinds of wonderful just super busy with new worker bees and the training that is involved with new dyers.

We have two new dyers Karen and Kelsie  that at least in my book are keepers! It also makes our team out here; Me (Tina), Kalia, Sarah, Crystal, Karen and Kelsie.  So much hard C and K sounds. Sarah and I are the odd ones out which in all honestly totally fits! Always the odd duck. Anyway training new dyers is a whole lot of work and we had a few that kind of floundered in the dye pot before these two gems waltzed in. It feels like a team again and I can’t tell you how thrilled we all are!

Thrilled enough to make new color and bring in a few new yarns kind of thrilled.







Colorway shown here is: Calla

Actually the yarn is one we carried eons ago. It was one of the first ones I added in after Woobu. I loved the texture of it and how it took color. I was still a bit of a new knitter at the time and I felt like this yarn with all of it thick and thin ripples did most of the work for me. Seriously with all of that texture and color I could just knit and end up with a stunning fabric!

So here we are right before the holidays where we are going to hit deadlines our knit optimism signed us up for.  We all are going to run out of time since time is that commodity none of  us seem to have enough of or decide at the very last moment that  hell yeah I am so going to knit Aunt Jenny a cowl, she so deserves a hand knit.

It is at this point that our bulky yarns are our best friends. I could knit a cowl at of Ripple in an evening with the right netflix and some coffee. You can knit this on anything from an size 10 ( if you are a loose knitter) to a 13. I recommend needle sizes about 10 so you can really appreciate the play between the thicker and thinner parts of this yarn and the looser you knit the more that Ripple does it job.









Here are a few patterns I thought would work so well!

Nonaperiel by our own Karen Alfke

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 9.32.24 AM








Superb Infinity Scarf by Anne Gagnon

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 9.43.55 AM









Soft and Cozy Infinity Scarf by Mary Englar

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 9.53.54 AM










You could also old school it and be super creative, choose a simple stitch pattern and do a little math and swatch and design your own. I want something long that I can wrap around a few times because this yarn is so very soft. I wore the skein wrapped around few a few days! Yes it is that soft and pretty!!










Seriously cozy!!!

So we brought in a short run of our Ripple to see how you like it so don’t wait too long. Trust me you are so going to want to knit with this and then wear it. That probably is the only drawback is if you are gift knitting you might want to get another for yourself !!

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween. As you can see Team Blue Moon had some fun!









Kalia and Sarah were on fire ALL day!!

Too much fun!

I’ll leave you with this new beauty and then I am off to run errands!!