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Sigh…Update 3.11

UPDATE 3.11:  Century Link finally showed up late yesterday after me pretty much threatening to send a whole bunch of knitters to Twitter.  So I am shipping today and tomorrow. I did thoroughly test EVERYTHING before letting them leave. 

Okay I am just going to apologize right out of the gate for this rant. I am tired and angry and so very frustrated and seriously wish I had the punching bag and bat we had here for awhile during the Sock Summit prep years. I have edited this “rant ~ self pep talk” for swearing. For those of you who know me you know that was a lot of editing.

Yesterday morning we lost internet service. Turns out they were working on the box for our area. I took a little drive to have a chat with them and see when we would be back on and was just told later. Great!! So lost shipping and answering emails yesterday.

Today I do have internet in the house which is why I can post but not in the dye barn. Once I figured this out and did  some testing to make sure I took a deep breath and decide I should call and find out what is up. It seemed pretty suspicious to me that it was only the one line and it happened after they were there working on it. So after calling and dealing with all of the phone protocol I finally get someone who then has to reboot their system twice before pulling my account up. After I explain to him what was going on he told me I needed another department. I called tech support how would i need another department??!! Awesome! Ugh

I get put on hold for a good 20 minutes and am then transferred. The woman I get has such a poor connection I can’t hear her and she finally disconnects us. At this point I took all the egg cartons ( empty ) on my kitchen table and threw them across the room. My cats were thrilled. Okay so I drink a glass of water and call again. Go through the whole ~ did you do this and did you do that~ protocol before I got a person. At this point my morning work plan is basically wrecked.

So bless Bridgette’s heart for understanding my frustration. I told her as soon as she took my acct number I was frustrated. Anyway we trouble shoot for a good long time and find out that yes in fact it looks like they might have done something to that line when they were working yesterday. I knew it. It’s not the first time. She then says so you are not going to be happy because of course we can’t get anyone out there until Monday. And you know what?  In all honesty I though she was going to tell me later in the week so I was happy. Still…I almost cried.

It’s the end of the week and I have shipping to do. So in order to ship I have to use click’n ship and enter everything manually into USPS and then go into the Blue Moon site and do the same thing so it shows the tracking numbers and then email the customer. I have sock club sitting here and also a fair amount of other orders. And honestly it’s not doable so as sad as it makes me RSC will wait until they come on Monday. And those that have knit deadlines I will click’n ship.

This is the kind of thing all small business owners deal with but it’s all worse this year since we are all online all the time using all the band width. So many of us small business owners have fewer staff, if any. I am one of those, so time, plans and efficient processes are super important. And mine just got railroaded ~ again.

So very many obstacles! I am one of those people who always gets back up when knocked down. Life has challenges it just does it’s what we do and how we handle them that creates how we live. I will say though the past week or so not getting back up has seemed like it just might be the more sane option. haha

In the grand scheme of things I know how privileged I am. I know I have it better than a lot of others during this past year or so. I have a roof over my head and food on the table and the ability to work. Perspective!! I have a friend who is fighting breast cancer right now and she has had to deal with so many complications from treatments. It’s staggering and she just rallies and keeps on keeping on. I have talked to quite a few of you who have made sacrifices for your families while we deal with the ever changing landscape of how to navigate all of this pandemic protocol.  we all have lost loved ones and not seen or been able to be with loved one. So very much to process!

We do all have our challenges and burdens if life and the pandemic has greatly upped the ante on that for most of us. If it has not for you then please do count your blessings and look out for your fellow humans. We just don’t know what others are dealing with. Ask people how they are. It’s amazing what your hear and see. We learn so much when we bear witness to each other. Listening and hearing is powerful for both the person sharing their story and the person receiving it. A gift if you will. We are strong but, we are so much stronger together.

Which is why in the middle of all this today I texted my son for support while dealing with Century Link  bs and then called my daughter after all was said and done to rant and rave with swearing and now am writing you to share what some of my days can look like.

Thank you for listening my friends! I have my tea with a little fortification in it and my BTS CD (no streaming without internet) so out to the barn I go since I do not need internet to dye! I am also taking you all with me .

I hope you have a lovely weekend!!!

Please take care and stay safe!