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Colors Changing Update

The colors listed in the post below will begin their vacation on June 30.

New colors will be going up sometime around the beginning of July.

Sock Summit meeting 4,723…

There are meetings and then there are meetings. There are the necessary more formal business type meetings like the convention center meetings and exhibitor meetings, lawyer meetings, web meetings, accounting meetings and hotel meetings with good people doing their jobs and helping us do ours.

Then there are the meetings with the team I usually work with in relationship to all things Blue Moon. They are all awesome people who are great at their jobs and really fun to work with. The fun thing is pretty essential for me on the creative end of things.  So of course when needing these jobs done for sock summit we would bring these people in to help. 

Our graphic team is Cassie Caldwell and Tim Bergman. They designed the sock summit logo and have put it in on everything we thought we could get it on without feeling like we look as obsessed by it as we are.

We really love the logo that they came up with for us and all of it’s little parts and pieces. They are also responsible for all of the website graphic and look. Tim and Cassie are very creative, know their stuff and so much fun to work with. We really love working with them.

Another really great team are our printers, Randy and his superb crew at Brown Printing. Actually Randy introduced me to Tim and Cassie. He thought we would be a good match and boy was he spot on. We all enjoy and respect each other and then the work follows pretty effortlessly from there.

Yesterday afternoon we had a meeting to work on the show brochure,name tags… .  Debbi and I (cockeyed the sockateer and your vendor goddess) met with Cassie (Tim is teaching at PSU) and Randy at Brown (where they have printing presses and it smells like ink and is oh so lovely if you like words and graphics). They are also green and responsible. You can check them out here;

This was the first time that Debbi and Cassie had met and I was really looking forward to it.  You know in that way where you have two people you care about and you know they will really like each other. So I arrive and of course everyone is already there because now I am that “late” person.  I have decided to look at it as I am on time, they are just a wee bit early.

Anyway I walk in the door and this is what I see.


Debbi on the left, Cassie on the right, a pretty well matched team don’t you think. Made me feel a little great about my people skills. Honestly it cracked me up all day and truly, you could have knocked me over when I walked in that door yesterday and saw that vision.

It was a very productive meeting. We got a lot done, the show book is going to be great and Randy is helping with all sorts of things paper and ink-wise.

Two of my favorite people got to meet and well, you see.  You can’t really see it here but even the nail polish color was the same.


All in all, a good day.