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At the heart of it all.

Today in about four and a half hours we open registration for Sock Summit 2011.  I would be lying to you if I said I was not nervous – I am – but I’m also very excited.

I was sorting through my thoughts and feelings figuring out what I wanted to say here today and then Steph read me this email that came into our inbox yesterday:


I’m not sure if you can respond to this, but I just wanted to say Thank You.

It seems like such a tiny thing to say, considering the hours/weeks/months

this takes to put together.  But there is absolutely no price I could put on

the ways my life was touched by SS09, on the new friends I made with whom I

am still in constant conversation and contact, and most importantly I wanted

to say that the past 2 years have been so full of remembering SS09 with

delight, wondering about and then anticipating SS11…..  For every hour you

all have worked on this, I have been filled with delight for at least 10

times that amount.  And I know — that’s a LOT!

Because I’m on the east coast, I don’t get to come to most of those other

cool things, the sock camps and all.  But I wanted to let you know that I’m

an Episcopal priest, and I am sending you the Holy Registration Vibes

starting now, throughout the week.  I couldn’t care less what classes I get

(well, OK, that’s a little bit of a lie…!) but truly, what you do is to

create a community that has deep joy at its very center.  It’s a community

that did not end two years ago.

I think what you do is holy, bringing together people and passion.  And I am

grateful.  And a little teary tonight, as well.

Must be after my bedtime!

Did I say thank you?

Thank you, C, I for speaking my heart and mind so eloquently.

I hope everyone gets exactly what they want. We did try so very hard to make it so this was possible.