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Happy Spring!!

I know. I’m a day late. At least I am on the whole first day of Spring wishing. I guess for Spring in general I have a pretty long grace period. So… indeed Happy Spring it is.

Before I go any farther, congratulations to Maggie for winning our name those new colorways contest. it was a little tricky this time because there are sock club hues there along with ones we sold at shows but none of them have been on the website so… new to you hues.  The rhyming with hue just never gets old. Sorry, it’s late!

Here’s Maggies list:

1. Dip-it-us
2. Fungus among us
3. Handsome man
5. Knot in vein
6. Lady Edith
7. Oopsie daisies
8. Plum crazy
9. SasSwatch
10. Serenity
11. Somewhere under the rainbow
12. Time space continuum rip
13. Tinks toots
14. Twitterpated
15. Wanda
16. You’re so skein
17. Tardis blue
18. Shoqua

Maggie do email us at and we’ll hook you up with some yarn.

I feel like Janis and Pholly should get honorable mention skeins for  really playing along. So if the tow of you would email also we’ll match you with some sock yarn. I think  we might have some hanging around here somewhere.

We’ve spent most of the week prepping sock club to go live and ship next week. I love sock club months because there’s days when there is only one colorway hanging from the rafters, covering the tables, spilling out of bins and filling the dye table and pots.There’s just something supremely satisfying about filling a barn with a lot of yarn in one colorway.

This is what it looked like when we had the Irishgirlie colorway going.



igg Finally got pics to upload and it wasn’t even user error! So ignore the next paragraph.

And this here is where I show you a series of pictures of this phenomenon, but for some reason they will not upload.  It’s ok this system and I are still becoming friends so will try tomorrow. Maybe its tired. I know I am. I’ve had my head in contracts and spreadsheets for days and my eyes are crossing and burning a little and it’s time to go find my bed. I really hope it’s where I left it this morning.  I just wanted to take a minute before I did to tell Maggie of her win and say thank yo to Shannon for coming out to play with color today.

I’m teamed up with Shannon (Squire one of the owners of Twisted PDX) for their Shawlette Club and we brewed up the colorway she’s going to use for her shawl design, together today. Grand fun. Color Collaborating. I wish I  had taken a picture because Shannon is as messy with color as I am.  Us messy women make great color! Before anyone takes offense so do non messy types of people.
Sometime I should show you a picture of the splash wall behind each dyer’s table. They are all different and mine by far the worst, with Becky following as a close second.

I hope everyone starting a Spring Break has a grand time. I am taking my Sophie and her best friend Clare to check out Berkeley. School shopping already! And of course of having loads of fun in San Francisco. I’m calling this trip: Driving the Miss Sophie and Clare. me and two teenage girls. Yup!!

I was going to ask what you would do or see when visiting San Francisco but I just saw their list on the kitchen table and I am going to have to warp time to fit all of that in. Oh and my list. Although my list mostly involves friends.

Now to put a load or two of laundry in and consider packing.