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What a week…

I do love the three day holiday weekends but…there’s nothing like  taking a day away, to throw a wrench in a work week. School also started this week which is a huge adjustment here because of the commute. All of this, is my way of saying, that this week has kicked my ass. I do feel like I finally got a handle on it last night which is the only reason I am sitting here chatting,even briefly, with you now.

I have been in the barn all week creating new colorways, finessing a few from the contest, and dyeing the hundreds of kits that you ordered this past weekend. You know I really love the color combo kits and am considering adding some gradients and other color combination kits to the website to stay. Interested?

New colorways will be going up next week. Included in these are our contest winners. Well… except for Positive Energy and on this one, I am completely stumped.

 Positive Energy by BonnieB

 I read this post yesterday while sitting with my Mom in the hospital. All I wanted to do was wrap her up in some “positive energy” to get through this. I thought that would be a good name, something warm and soothing all at the same time. 

See why I am stumped? Every single time I go to put color on a skein of yarn for this I’m paralyzed with doubt. I can tell you this is a very new feeling for me in relationship to color and I don’t like it. I do understand it though.  My doubt is around the subjectivity in relationship to color. What is warm and soothing to me might not be to Bonnie or her Mom. I love Pond Scum and I know for a fact there are not many that find that one warm or soothing. So…what I need is more information from Bonnie. I have emailed Bonnie with this question but am not getting a response ( spam filter maybe).  I am mentioning it here on the off chance that you will see this Bonnie and help a dyer out. I need a color range that is comforting to your mom or yourself. Blues? Greens?  Just a hint would help. Oh, please.

Okay Becky has been through here twice so time to get out to the barn. One of the things that made my week this week is this video.   I’m embarrassed by how many times I’ve watched this.

Have a great weekend!


Here’s a small tasting of the new hues coming next week.





Twist Collective’s Anniversary Issue is overflowing with all kinds of knit magic. One of these designs is Sweetspire, warm both in color and feel, a lovely moving into Autumn shawl by Caroline Levander using our BFL Sport . Shown in Firecracker and Saffron Jungle colorways.

I’m going to cast one of these on as soon as I can decide on the colors! I’m thinking Pond Scum and something. Hmm…