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Holiday Colorways

As promised our Holiday colorways are now up on the website. There are quite a few of them so I have listed them here, as our returning colorways and then the brand spanking new ones.

Our new colorways are inspired by Gnomes!! All kinds of Gnomes. I hope you enjoy knitting with them as much as I enjoyed creating them. I tried to pick out a favorite among the new ones yesterday and I just could not. Although I have to say I am partial to Hangin’ with my Gnomies, but then there’s Penguins on Ice or good ol’ Bob (the gnome) sledder.  So many choices… .

You know… we’ve not had a color way related contest in quite awhile. Wouldn’t it be fun to have one with our new Holiday hues?  How about this?  Since I’ve already come up with them and named them your job is to write a description based on the picture of the colorway and it’s name. You can write a description for just the one that speaks to you the most or, if you are so inspired, you can write a description for the whole lot if you like.  For each description we choose, the person who wrote it, will receive that colorway in a skein of Socks that Rock as their prize. Please leave all of your descriptions here in the comments section of this blog post so we all can read them.  (This is going to be fun!!)  In the name of fairness and so everyone has a chance at winning, each person can only win once even if you submit more than one description.

Just to make it extra fun your word count limit per description is 75 words, so choose them well!

You have until Halloween to submit your description.  I will announce the winners on November 5th.

I’m excited! I love our colorway contests!!



Returning Holiday Colorways:

  • 1 Maraschino Short of a Fruit Cake
  • Blitzen
  • Cindy Lou Who
  • Festivus
  • Holiday Hen
  • Holly and Ivy
  • Under the Mistleoe
  • Whoville
  • A Very Scummy Christmas
  • Christmas Balls
  • Currier and Ives
  • Dreidel
  • Joy to the World
  • Tinsel
  • Watch Where the Huskies Go
  • Yuletide
  • Hollyday

Brand New Holiday Colorways:

  • Gnome de Plume
  • Hearth and Gnome
  • Penguins on Ice
  • Holly No Berry
  • The Longest Night
  • Bob (the gnome) Sledder
  • Hangin’ with my Gnomies
  • Gnome for the Holidays
  • Bowies Laughing Gnomes
  • The Gnome of Christmas Present
  • Rainbow Reindeer
  • Angry Elf
  • Fleece Navidad

Very Important Note! Those of you who still want to part of Carol Feller’s Capall Dubh KAL we need your order by Friday the 10th of October in order to get you your yarn in time for the first clue at the end of October.

  1. Syntaniel #

    Bob knew he could do it. He didn’t care that he was small(even for a gnome) or that he had a big red nose that looked more like an apple or even that his hat perched precariously on his jug handle ears. He knew he could sled down the big hill. That hill even the big gnomes avoided.
    Bob looked down at his sled, the cherry red faded to dark in patches where the paint just hadn’t held up, and trudged up the hill. It was a long walk for his little legs and the sun, which had been high on the hill, was starting to set by the time he reached to top. He could see where the melted snow had hardened into slick shiny ice, reflecting the blue of the sky as he looked down. But Bob was determined. Before he could back away, he flung himself on the sled and over the crest of the hill. The world whipped by in a cascade of blues. Bob held tight to the red sled beneath him. The other gnomes, who had ignored him while he climbed, started to shout even as Bob saw the slope leading into the frozen river. The other gnomes shouted for him to jump off, jump off before he hit the river. But Bob held on. He hit the crest of the riverbank and the sled took flight!
    With Bob’s slight weight on it, so much less than the other gnomes, the sled took to the air, soaring over the frozen river to coast to a graceful stop on the other side. Bob held on for a few moments, unsure at first that he had really landed. And then he stood.
    The surrounding gnomes looked at him in shock. And then started to cheer. Bob had done the impossible. He had sledded the big hill and soared over the river. From that day forth, Bob the gnome became Bob the sledder.

    October 10, 2014
  2. bootsnap #

    Under the mistletoe is the color of the Mistletoe leaves, various greens combined with the pink blush of someone’s cheeks when being kissed.

    October 10, 2014
  3. ”Twas Christmas Eve and I was Hanging with my Gnomies and one Angry Elf. Upset because on The Longest Night he was put on a shelf. We were watching Penguins on Ice when who should appear? It was Tina and her tiny Rainbow Reindeer. She spoke not a word but went straight to work, dyeing more yarn, then she turned with a jerk, giving a wink and a nod she wished us all Fleece Navidad.”

    October 11, 2014
  4. donnajeansky #

    A Very Skummy Christmas is a wreath on a barn door, picked with love from the field and wrapped with frost kissed Mrs. Santas cheeks.

    October 11, 2014
  5. Anna #

    Rainbow Reindeer
    One winters night, Rainbow unicorn goes to the arctic circle pub, the only one open at that time of night, and meets one of Santa’s Reindeer singing sultry jazz tunes leaning against the piano sipping a martini (probably Blitzen, everyone knows how that one gets after a few). Next thing you know Rainbow Reindeer is born.

    Bowies Laughing Gnome
    “Hello, can I please speak with Miss Appropriation?” “Uhm…I think you have the wrong number, may I ask who’s calling?” Giggling on the other end of the phone. “It’s Johnny Rotten,” more giggling then the line goes dead.
    I imagine David Bowie having a legion of stage gnomes going on break from setting up sound equipment, lights, and smoke machines, to prank call kids with impersonations of British band members.

    The Longest Night
    After the blaze of the Yule log has gone down and just before the first glimmer of sunrise makes itself know on this winter solstice, the sky is still crisp with darkness and starlight, the moon reflecting off the snow. It’s immensely beautiful and makes one think how wonderful and amazing it is to be alive.

    Gnome for the Holidays
    A picture perfect garden creature holiday, with the lovable garden gnome rocking in a chair next to the fire knitting up a fabulous pair of socks for the garden fairy. There’s the smell of gingerbread in the air, the frog is explaining why the young bucks are not allowed to decorate their horns with lights, and the toad stools are having a lively discussion on the best way to bake a good crust.

    Gnome de Plume
    Just the kind of nom de plume I would imagine for a Gnome, a bit wild yet with a bit of aged sophistication. A name put to perfect color interpretation.

    Hangin’ with my Gnomies
    There are guitar rifts in the background and a whole bunch of tie-dye, must the be 60’s. They’ve traded in their traditional pointed hats for the woven grass kind. Not a care in the world.

    October 11, 2014
  6. The Angry Elf, Geoffrey, is green with envy because his elf buddies never share their knitting toys with him. He wants a set of candy cane stitch markers to use! His rosy fury can be quelled with a bit of kindness and a cup of cocoa with marshmallows!

    October 11, 2014
  7. canam #

    The Gnome of Christmas Present is a lot like a majestic giant clad in royal robes, sitting atop a throne made of a gourmet feast. His generosity, goodwill & celebration (with a smidge of euphoric joy) abounds, but alas, he can stay only for a short time.

    Gnome de Plume wanted to be called Silence Dogood but Ben Franklin spoiled all that. A hint of pond scum, a splash of HoHoHo, and some jingle bells thrown in for good measure.

    There’s no place like Gnome for the Holidays – We come, we eat, we knit, we leave. It’s the stuffing in-between that makes it special.

    October 12, 2014
  8. terrylee #

    Hello everyone here is a little poem.

    Christmas Balls.

    Christmas Balls hanging in the Halls.
    Which ones hang high and which ones hang low,
    come on in an see how they flow.
    Big ones, small ones bright ones and dull ones
    they are all fun ones.
    Come on in to these halls and see our oh so colorful
    Christmas Balls.

    Thanks for the opportunity TerryLee

    October 13, 2014
  9. The Longest Night

    In the north the winter nights are long. Even on the longest night, the kiss of the sun is a promise on the lips of the darkness.

    October 14, 2014
  10. Penguins on Ice

    The blue of an ice floe echoes through the white ice, warmed by the blacks and oranges of the intrepid penguins, defying logic with their wobbly walk across the ice.

    October 14, 2014
  11. maryga #

    Reindeer Rainbow

    Dasher and Comet raced across the sky. Dancer and Prancer waltzed through the night, each trying to lead. Cupid gazed lovingly into a cloudy sky as Vixen flirted nearby. When all of a sudden there arose such a clatter, Donner and Blitzen were at it again–Lighting up the sky and making such a racket. Then what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a glorious sunrise shining through raindrops making Rainbow Reindeer.

    Holly No Berry

    Currier no Ives, Tom no Jerry, Sugar no Spice, Holly no Berry.

    Hearth and Gnome

    He is dazzled by the dancing blue, purple and red flames that skitter across the logs. Hearth and Gnome in complete harmony.

    October 15, 2014
  12. HeKnits #

    The Longest Night
    Veils of Aurora Borealis ripple across the Solstice sky. Sometimes the Longest Night is still too short.

    October 15, 2014
  13. danel #

    Shades of black, tufts of golden brown, and snowy white meet pale aqua ice-PENGUINS ON ICE!

    October 15, 2014
  14. danel #

    Black and pink peppercorns with a bit of purple and green peppers delight Bowies Laughing Gnomes.

    October 15, 2014
  15. danel #

    Foliage greens-Christmas greens, droplets of water blue-BUT NO FRUIT! Holly no Berry.

    October 15, 2014
  16. danel #

    Warm brick sunsets over blue shaded snow under the evergreens and pines-Gnome for the Holidays.

    October 16, 2014
  17. danel #

    The dark of Black with touches of blue then dawn’s pale yellow gives way to the white of day after The Longest Night.

    October 16, 2014
  18. tampnp #

    Penguins On Ice
    I can just see the majestic emperor penguins waddling along on their trek to find food when they stumble upon some of that beautiful clear blue ice and decide to have a little fun! Off they go on their bellies sliding down that beautiful clear blue ice and into the water! What fun!!

    October 17, 2014
  19. canam #

    Poor Angry Elf, he’s too big for his colorful britches, gnome I’m saying?

    October 18, 2014
  20. lifeincolor #

    Gnome de Plume

    Lest you think every gnome is the same… At first glance he is the same as the others, then he turns heel and you notice a little sprig in his hat… and his pants pull up slightly and you notice the socks. This gnome likes to stand out in subtle ways.

    Hangin’ with my Gnomies

    There’s people parties and then there’s our gnome gatherings. When we get together we let all our colors out. It’s pure happiness hidden in the corner of your garden, under all the colorful flowers, between sprigs of clover. Toadstools as barstools. And fun until dawn.

    Rainbow Reindeer

    What happens when reindeer participate in the ever popular color runs? Well they can easily power through the 5K and this delightful mix is the result; color from the tips of their antlers to the bottom of their hooves.

    Angry Elf

    It’s not that his nickname isn’t deserved, he can be quite harsh, making fun of other elves that can’t get their productivity up in those stressful weeks before Christmas Eve. But really he’s just misunderstood, his cheeks get this red because he’s working hard for the big guy, and you gotta appreciate that.

    October 21, 2014
  21. jazzmatazz #

    What? You didn’t know the reindeer sometimes steal away in the long nights before and after the holidays for a few extra reindeer games? The current craze is to go dancing among the rainbows and northern lights, and even the most conservative of the group are seen coming home with a few strands of luscious rainbow fibers tangled in their antlers. Rainbow Reindeer…you speak to my wild side!

    October 22, 2014
  22. jazzmatazz #

    All the colors of the old and new year, and hints of the colors to come. It’s The Longest Night, which means more time to spend working uninterrupted with the fibers of your dreams.

    October 22, 2014
  23. jazzmatazz #

    Hearth and Gnome sounds like an oxymoron, since gnomes are usually making mischief outside. But the colors are a gathering of fire and snow, forests and feather beds. . A gnome would stay home by the fire if his socks were made with this color way.

    October 27, 2014
  24. jazzmatazz #

    Fleece Navidad! Sometimes a gnome just wants to go where it’s warm for the holidays. This multicolor wave lives up to its name with the blue of ocean, the yellow of sun, and the white of sand. A pop of red and green remind him of holly berries back home and make this the holiday to remember.

    October 27, 2014
  25. luv2run #

    Bowie’s Laughing Gnome

    Winter sky, dark forests of evergreen, Christmas trees, woodland elves and laughing gnomes, holly berries, poinsettias and red ribbons are the colors that shine through.

    October 30, 2014
  26. canam #

    It’s a little gnome fact that sheep flock together on December 24th at the stroke of midnight and dance the merino to a colorful Latin beat. It’s exhilarating and sensual, an explosion of color and bleating. There isn’t a ewe out there that doesn’t look forward to Fleece Navidad.

    October 30, 2014
  27. luv2run #

    Bob (the gnome) Sledder

    A twinkling blue eyed gnome dressed in a costume in shades of red and green hops on a sled, skids across ice so cold it’s blue, laughing all the way.

    October 30, 2014
  28. luv2run #

    Gnome for the Holiday

    Embers of bluish red-orange warms the soul
    Heavenly scent of freshly cut evergreen
    Gently falling snow

    November 1, 2014

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