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Did everyone have a good time trick or treating? 

I saw the cutest 8yr old (?) gypsy last night. So cute all heads turned, every eye was on her. Watching her reminded me of all of my own different dress up choices as a child.

As I was thinking back through them I realized that I usually chose to dress up as one of the same three, gypsy ( my favorite, lots of color and bells), witch (love the spells and black) or hobo ( easy!). The hobo came from stories my beloved grandfather told me.

Which made me wonder if this is true for most of us and what it says if anything, about who we are as “grown-ups”.

Which brings us to today, the day after Halloween. The day we are all recovering from our costume wearing partying and massive sugar highs.

A day that we all here in Blue Moon land celebrate heartily. The day the Rosanna Donna Richmond was born exactly 21 years ago.

If you knew Rosie you would get the awesome symmetry of her birthday being the day after Halloween.

Let me tell you a bit about this extraordinary young woman.

Rosebud (nickname) loves life and lives it to its fullest. She appreciates all those moments that most of us miss. I love how she can take something that appears mundane and make it magical.

She does not believe in maps because you never know what you will run across when you are “lost”. Because lost is a state of mind and certainly not a state she resides in.

Rosie is one of the sweetest and loving souls I have run across and being in her presence just makes you happy.

She is named after the Gilda Radner character in SNL.

She loves music–LOVES music and is a loyal fan for the bands that she follows.  She loves robots, zombies and super heroes and…chickens. She dresses up all the time. She and her friends pick themes and dress up and wander the streets of Portland,

shedding light and happiness to all they encounter. My absolute favorite is her super-hero costumes.

I went into the barn this week looking for pacing/thinking room. She wanted to know what was up . I told them I was trying to come up with a photo prop for the monkey contest.

She looks at me with excitement sizzling in her eyes and says, “ Tina!  I have my superhero costume in the car?! (the, well duh is implied in her tone)

Look she was soo right.


Here she is our very own Agent Awesome at her best!


Where she knits in a lift at the World Forestry Center, feeds the giant squirrels and cracks us all up at Camp! Oh, and the top one where she is dusting monkeys!