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Sick of Snow!


HA! Take this you stinking white menace.


Really we are NOT kidding!


We warned you. Agent Awesome and her merry band strike again!


Our work is done here!


thanks doug!

Orders Update

We are here today and doing our dead level best to crank out as much as we can.  I know that there are a lot of you wanting your order status. You can check this on the site and that really is all the info available at this time. We can dig through and check for you but this ttakes an extraordinary amount of time and will not really give you more info. I think it serves us all better if that time is used processing orders.

The reason this has back-logged so badly is the massive amount ( over 700) of orders from the sale and they were large with many kinds of yarn which decimated our dyed inventory, then the weather and power and well weather and power. I know that you on the East Coast and Midwest deal with this and are set up for it so it seems to be a small thing. Here it is not a small thing and where we are it is even worse.

So I guess I am begging for your patience and understanding we truly are doing our very best to get your orders out.

I will know more this evening and hopefully still have power to post that information.

It truly has been one of those one thing after another periods and when I have more of a sense of humor about it I will share.

The final straw might have been this morning when the propane truck got stuck and now will not be back until next Monday. Even though I told them not to come until tomorrow, since I knew they would get stuck and …


Closed until Monday December 29th


When hopefully we have power again and the roads have been plowed.

You can email and when the power is back we will answer you.

( thank you generator for giving me time to post this)

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Be safe and stay warm all.

I have discovered knitting by candlelight.

Quite lovely!

Record breaking snowfall


Since it is the season of giving, I GIVE.

We give up. We give in. We give out.

We give and I am done fighting with the elemental forces that are now breaking records.  At least they are here in the Pacific Northwest.

I mean really if Mother Nature is going to go to all the trouble making such a winter to do, especially in the flaky really cold white stuff falling from the sky and covering every surface imaginable realm.

She is clearly exceeding her personal best here and I do believe she has quite a bit more at her disposal.


So dearest, most powerful Mother Nature, we here at Blue Moon humbly and most graciously (yarn in hands) bow to you!

We take our lovely knit hats off to you and say way to go with the snow.

You really are rocking this whole snowy winter wonderland thing.


What this means order wise is we are doing our very best to get you your yarn.

There are only two of us here trying to get orders out.

This will last as long as the power does ( it has already gone down once this weekend) and as long as Don can get to the P.O. without risking life and limb.

Email is the best way to get in touch with us right now. The phone system does not do well in these conditions.

Thank you for your patience.

Be safe and stay warm!

Snow, snow and yet more snow.

It will not stop snowing. I do not think it is ever going to stop snowing.


The weather is not cooperating at all. It is almost like it has a mind of its own and does not care that we have all of this yarn to get out and yarn to get delivered and we will not even talk about how unprepared I personally am for this upcoming holiday. Did you know that next week is Christmas?  I do not think anyone has informed Mother Nature about this or horror of horrors she is perfectly aware and just does not care that she is way early on this one.

I do not want to believe that the latter is true but the evidence is pretty overwhelming at this point.


She had to hear the crying this morning, the weeping and moaning over how I have all of this shopping and errands to run and I keep loosing time to all the havoc that this current winter escapade of hers has caused.

I do not think I can ever remember being so unprepared for Christmas. I love Christmas everything about it, the smells of evergreens and gingerbread baking, the carols and candles and light and family…all of it every single little piece makes my heart joyful. I love giving presents and finding that certain something that brings a light or a smile.

I love the spirit of celebrating light and love at the darkest point of the year. 

And while the snow is certainly adding a nice visual and a certain coziness to this wintery holiday, it is also hindering the more practical aspects quite a bit.

I am just not pulling it together and living up to my previous holiday potential, not even close.

The only reason the tree is in the house and decorated is because we had to get it off the porch since we caught the deer eating it. 


( who me eat your tree?)

I put the lights on it one evening and Sophie decorated it last night. Which for those of you that know me is no small thing. ( I fell asleep after telling her I would be right there)

I decorate the tree. Actually I like to think of it as orchestrating decorating the tree It is an artistic thing with me and well, it has to be what I think it should be. I have a very clear Christmas tree vision.  It is a family joke. We have a video of my son at about age 6 and I doing this “together” . Yeah, they all laugh when we play this but I for one do not see what is so funny, Christmas tree decorating is serious business.

I think I need to work on letting go, yet again about the letting go.


Sophie did a lovely job!

Well, I started writing this post to tell you where were in shipping out the sale yarn and how we were doing on Sock Club registration. Obviously I have other things on my mind.

Today we are getting a whole lot of packages shipped. Which is awesome because evidently we are in for another heavy snow hit this weekend.  The snow is putting quite a damper on progress here in blue moon land. We are up high in elevation so we get quite a bit. This makes shipping more of a challenge. Actually it makes getting to work more of a challenge. Please know that we are doing our absolute best to get you your yarn in a timely manner.

On the Sock Club front we seem to have worked the bugs out of the system and things are rolling merrily along.

If you had issues or need help please do not hesitate to contact us at

thanks for your patience!

Best laid plans and all…

First piece of business today is sock club. So, for everyone waiting for the The Notorious Sock Knitters World Domination Tour tickets to go on sale ( Sock club registration to go live) deep cleansing breaths. We are tweaking the system a bit so it works exactly how we want it to and makes this a more streamlined process for us all.

We believe that it will be up this afternoon. I will post here and on the RSC blog when it is live.  WE ARE LIVE NOW!!!

Second piece of business is all of the sale orders.

The Pacific Northwest has been hit with a winter storm. We have been working around the clock to get as many of this massive pile of orders out before the holidays as possible. And then what happens? Of course it snows and freezes and I mean freezes. It is really cold. I see that we are not the only ones with this extreme winter experience right now. Brrrrr…..  Oh and Mother Nature you have some impeccable timing honey. Truly my warm and toasty hand knit socks off to you. Way to go.

It is still our goal to get as many out as possible,but… it is becoming increasing difficult to do. 

Especially with no elves, the sleigh is in the shop for repairs and the reindeer have some mysterious malady.

Please bear with us. Blue Moon is located at a high elevation so we get hit pretty hard, making it an exciting adventure just to get to work.There have been days when the UPS truck will not even deliver here. So… that is the news form blue moon land where the weather is cold and frosty and the barn is full of wool. At least there is wool, where there is wool there is warm.

Stay warm!

RSC signup glitch-S


One day when I try to streamline a process in order to make all of our lives easier please just hit me over the head it will actually succeed in doing this.

As of today there are still declines for some of you. We are still trying to figure out why this is happening. Please bear with us and know that you will get in so no worries on that front.

The system is bogged down. Please do not hit submit over and over.

This system is pre-authorizing your cards. We were told this meant just validating them in fact it means it is holding those funds. Since I told you that we were not charging the cards this is leading to some confusion and problems in relation to available funds for the holidays.

I cannot apologize enough for this, it is not what we thought was happening. If this is a problem for you and you have not registered please wait and do so after the holidays. If you have already registered and this is a problem please contact me; and we will take the preauth on your card off. It does take a few days to release those funds back to you please keep this in mind.

What we do know is that there are browser issues. We think we have addressed this issue. You will need to clear your cache before trying again because it does have the old script stored there. and that is what it keeps pulling up.

I think that covers it and again I am very sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you. It certainly was not our intention.

Ok back to it.

sale update


USPS is back in service

The USPS site is back and functional. Well… you know what I mean. You can order and it will go through.

We will keep the sale going until tomorrow at noon PST for all of you whose shopping was thwarted.

ok, off to dye MASSIVE amounts of yarn.

I will post photos from the sale this weekend this evening. In the meantime visit cockeyed at goddessknitters and see the very cool pre-sale production pics.  Very cool.

love the hand


The USPS online system is down. This means that your orders are not going through. DO NOT PANIC!!  What we will do is extend the sale so everyone gets their chance.

We are on the phone with them now and trying to find out when this will be back up. As of now we do not have that information.

So I will post here when it is back up and we will extend the sale for another 24 hours after that time.

Of course this would happen just in that magical way the world goes around. I wish you could hear the laughter here over just how ridiculous it is that this should happen right now.

Obviously the universe has quite a twisted sense of humor.

Breathing, we are all breathing. Deep cleansing relaxing breaths of knit filled air!