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Registration Update

We sent an email out yesterday that had the letter below in it to everyone on our mailing list and to all who we have listed as registered.  You see thanks to the Great Sock Summit Server Crash of 2009 we all are having several recurring nightmares with revolving themes all involving large numbers of confused and unhappy knitters.

We are doing our dead level best to make sure we have reached out to everyone who might have a registration issue.

I know we said it in the letter below but I am going to emphasize it (probably over so) again.

Please check make absolute sure that you in fact did receive a confirmation email with confirmation numbers on it for everything you registered for.

If you have that information you are golden no need to contact us. Don’t get me wrong we love to hear from you but the inbox is a wee bit of a scary place these days. So many sock knitters so little time.

Steph and I are working on getting the shopping cart up and the Sock Museum KAL so look for those really soon.

Also, the market place is coming together so beautifully and honestly, exceeding even my wildest dreams which is no small feat.

Ok… off to help pack for Black Sheep and to the bank to get the cash for the cash box which yours truly spaced out yesterday. (I have SS09 brain, blue moon is being very patient with me.)

Dear Everyone,

As some of you may know from experience, the sheer numbers of avid sock knitters who attempted to sign up for the Summit sort of… well.  Fried our server.  Things got up and running again very quickly, but for about a half hour there, things were nothing short of dodgy.

We can’t apologize enough for this, and we’re sorry not just for all of you, but for our staff and friends who have helped us manually process all of the errors and corrections over the last few weeks. We totally owe them socks (and probably hard liquor, but we’re not giving them that until after the Summit.)

We believe at this time that we’ve handled everything in our inbox. If you haven’t heard from us, then please write again to .  (There were a few people we couldn’t reach due to incorrect emails or phone numbers, so please, please write again before thinking we’re not happy to help.)

In addition, we want to stress that you need confirmation numbers to check into the Sock Summit.  If you experienced a problem at registration and didn’t get those confirmation numbers, you need to write to us, so that we can confirm you’re registered, and send you the numbers.  If you did not see confirmation numbers, you may not be registered.  We’ve been doing our level best to see everyone through this happy, and we’ll do our best to help you too.

In addition, because we’ve been using the few returns and cancellations we received to help solve problems, there are very few classes to put up for grabs.  As we can see no reasonable way for thousands of knitters to compete for a few spots, and we are helpless in the face of the unbelievable mass of all of you, we’re not going to re-open registration. If any spots remain open at the time of the Summit, knitters will be able to sign up for them at the registration desk.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

ST-1, ST2

and the dedicated (but tired) team that backs them up.

  1. michele #

    Tina: You and the Sock team members ROCK OFF THE CHARTS!!

    Thank you thank you thank you. Bless your weary little hearts.

    Us knitting mobs out here can NOT wait!!!!

    Please enjoy today. These days right before summer turns are so wonderful.

    Your friend,


    November 30, -0001
  2. Lou/Happystasher #

    Oooops. I’m one of those people who sent you a happy, supportive email as a reply to your email about registration. I had not read this first. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done it. So I apologize for taking up space in your inbox. My only intention was to give you a positive, happy email to open when it’s been full of problems. So, I’m sorry for adding to your inbox, but not sorry to let you know you are loved and appreciated by me. :o)

    November 30, -0001
  3. Christine Collins #

    I also don’t want to add to your already flooded inbox. But I did want you to know that I did receive my refund of the extra cc charge, thank you. And I loved the card that came with it, totally adorable. SS09-1 SS09-2 and all the SS09-crew Rock!

    November 30, -0001
  4. OMG! Completely forgot about Black Sheep!! HOw are you ladies doing this??! And new colors to boot! Amazing doesn’t cover it!!

    Maybe I purposely booked work in New Orleans so I wouldn’t be tempted to jump on a plane for black sheep….but no worries….July plane ticket booked!! 

    Hope Black Sheep goes well!

    November 30, -0001
  5. Alice in the Heartland #

    I’m just glad you remembered that you needed to be somewhere this weekend. Enjoy all your yarny-fibery friends. Maybe next year I can to either Black Sheep or OFF depending on depending. Hugs to you all. Alice

    November 30, -0001
  6. Can you pls provide more details on this subject? Also your website is so nice. Best regards…

    November 30, -0001

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