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The ocean is doing so much of what I love today which is just so lovely of it since we have to leave today after way too short a visit.

Here is what the Pacific does that I love.

image image image image

Shades of gray in sky,water and sand. Where they flow in and out of each other with every breaking wave, gust of wind and shift of sand.

image image image image image

Rough waters all churned up with so much scummy goodness the dark depths. The tide line is rich with bubbles and foam and seaweed and sea creatures that got caught in the pull

Where the receding tide meets incoming wave and the breaker is all churned up with sand and sea. I love all that chaotic energy in that all churned up going meets coming wave.If you are really lucky it is a long break with a traveling curl that you can follow down the beach. I think it would be quite an experience to be in one of those.


image image image

Sensuality bubbling ,brimming , breaking, rippling, churning every which way, everywhere you look and what you hear.

image image image image

Creativity carried in at every high tide washed back out one the next one.  Bundles of ocean debris? I think not.

image image image image image

Patterns in sand, rock,seaweed and water…

image imageimageimageimage image

and life. Dancing, laughing, happy daughters.

Thank you dearest ocean.

I’ll be back soon.