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Sheep and Wool

As almost every knitter on the planet knows this weekend is the New York Sheep and Wool Festival which means hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of fiber folk will be descending into Rhinebeck New York for all kinds of wooly fun. I’m only slightly jealous. (yeah right?)

It’s been great fun hearing about everyone’s sweater projects.  I can’t wait to see pics of them all. This morning I watched Gale Zuckerman’s video of the pictures she’s taken over past few years of all the sweater glory at Rhinebeck.  If you have’t seen it it’s worth a watch. It’s quite wonderful.

As I mentioned last week we have a very special colorway that I created just for Rhinebeck this year. Little Bo Peep will be at The Fold’s booth(Building B booth 32/33 ) for as long as supplies last. Along with as much color wonder as we could cram into Toni’s trailer.  I do believe we sent her all of the new colors!  We are selling Little Bo Peep on the website this weekend in case Toni runs out and also, for those of us who can’t attend.

Toni has all kinds of fun and beautiful samples with her. One of the new ones is a shawl in our Marine Silk Sport that is particularly lovely.

Port Moody  by Sarah Hedges

In Marine Silk…Mustang Sally, PDX Rose City and Porcini













and in BFL Sport … In the Navy, Chillazin’ and Deep Unrelenting Grey ( I think)

IMG_2816_small2image_small2 image_small2-1

















So very pretty!!

I love these color combination Sarah and Toni came up with.  Elegant and classy!

I hope everyone attending Rhinebeck has a grand ol’ time. For everyone else we’ll be running a special on Marine Silk Sport if you’d like to give Sarah’s Port Moody a knit. I love the name of this shawl so much.  It might be that I am living in a house brimming with young women at the moment that I feel like I’m moored at Port Moody.  The sale commences now and will go until Sunday night at midnight (Pacific time). For some strange reason, yet unknown reason, we could not get out coupon code system to work this morning so we just took the 10% off the regular price. So the discount has already been taken off. You don’t need to type in a code.

If we don’t have it offered in one of our colorways that your heart desires, do let us know. As always I am your color servant and am available to help you choose hues.

We successfully migrated all of our stuff to a new server.  A HUGE thanks to Narayan and the great folks at BlackMesh for making it so and to Jess and Paula for testing the knots out of it. Thanks guys!


It’s still a great shawl!