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Birthday Give-away day #4

Amazing how many of us would like the power to transport.

I agree!

Our winner of the day is Scarlet Fever with her wish to be a Super Communicator!!! If you could please email and she will hook you up with your Worthy. If you could tell her that you are the winner for day #3 and include your address!


Today’s sharing question is:  If you could share a meal with anyone present or historical (not living) who would that be and why.

Today’s sharing question will be the last simple easy peasy one.

Today’s Give-away is 2 skeins of our Cloud 9 dyed in any Blue Moon colorway you would like.








Cloud 9 in all of it’s glory!

Birthday Give-away #3


Hello all, today is going to be short and sweet. I might have over celebrated last night so… .

ZenJen07 is our winner from yesterday. Please contact for your prize. She will need to know that it was day #2 and the color or colors you would like us to dye your Featherlight in. Oh, also your address please.

Our Give-away today is a little bit of yarn crack, our Worthy Fingering.  What’s not to love about cashmere and silk? Not a damn thing!

If you’d like a chance to win a skein of Worthy Fingering in the color of your choice then in the comments section of this post share your answer to the following question.

If you had a super-hero-power what would that power be?  Would you like to leap tall buildings in a single bound, scale walls with your spidey powers, move things with you mind or knit in your sleep?

I’m having a hard time choosing what I would like mine to be. Hmm…maybe I should sleep on it.

Okay this older lady is off to take a birthday nap.

Birthday Give-Away Day #2

Good Morning!

I have coffee in hand and am waiting for the sun to show it’s bright face and shine down on  the makings of our family picnic today!

Okay first things first!    hipknitta wins yesterday’s contest and on her birthday no less!!!  If you email with you  name and address and that you were Friday’s winner she will get your prize in the mail!

I love all the yarns we carry which is why we carry them. However, there are a few that hold a special place in my heart. One of those is our new Featherlight. I do so love myself a single ply yarn and this one holds a special place in my knitterly heart. Featherlight so lives up to it’s name, being as light and lofty as a feather on the wind, with just enough spin to give it integrity and nice stitch definition.











Here it is in our Peachy Keen colorway!

You guessed it today’s we are giving away not one or even 2 but three skeins of Featherlight dyed in whatever colorway you want that we offer. You can even have 3 different colorways if you like. I know… .

If you would like a chance to wins this today please send me a comment to this blog post sharing your favorite thing about knitting. It can be anything at all.

My favorite thing about knitting is the process. I love the planning and making all the pieces work together. Choosing the pattern, yarn , color…. all of it.  Which all leads to my favorite moment in knitting, cast-on!!!

Happiest of Birthdays to all of my fellow Geminis who commented yesterday. I really should do a Gemini colorway or two. ( hehehe get it?)

It’s my BIRTHDAY and I’ll dye what I want to….

dye what I want too….

dye what I want too…!

It’s my birthday this weekend and I feel the need for an all out celebration of life this year  mostly because I am still here to have a birthday.  Also because I am turning 59 and well…it all feels significant!

So we are going to have some fun!

Before we get going with all the birthday fun and games I want to say, I AM SO GRATEFUL to be here!  Thank you powers that be! Thank you dear friends and family and thank you wonderful knitting family! I am truly blessed.


Hello 59, I am so flippin’ glad to see you!








Okay let’s party!

We are going to celebrate all week long from this Friday to next because I can’t contain all of this joy into one day or even a three day weekend.

Of course, right off the bat, I made a special colorway to celebrate the moment, since it’s kind of what I do. I made super special birthday speckles.












I started with my best color friend pond scum and made little drops of scummy goodness all over the place, then I grabbed some sassy rhodamine to spice the pond up a little bit and then, worked out from there with whatever struck my twisted little color loving fancy. I wanted it to feel like a ~ party in a skein ~ and I think it does. I am going to cast on some birthday socks sometime this weekend.

In keeping with the “It’s my birthday and I’ll dye what I want to” theme, we have put up on the Blue Moon website for this week only, most of my very, very favorite colorways. I will tell you it was hard to choose and I know I probably hurt a hue or two’s feelings by leaving them out but there are only so many dyeing hours in the day.

Maybe our first contest should be what do you think my top ten favorite colorways are? hmm… I’ll think on that while I tell you what else we have planned.

See these beauties???








I have brought in another of the short run yarns I promised this year, specially priced for your knitting pleasure.  This one is a lovely superfine, superwash merino. La Grande is seriously soft and lofty. I can see this yarn in so many applications from scarves to sweaters but most especially baby knitting!! So, so soft!  We got quite the deal on this one and of course are passing that price on to you at 15.00 a skein!


What’s a birthday without presents? Starting right this very moment there will be a give away of some sort everyday until (and including)  Friday June 3rd. So stay tuned for ~ Birthday Give Away Shenanigans ~ which will range from easy-peasy to hoop-jumping-hard.

Today we are gong to start off on the easy-peasy side of the spectrum which also just happens to be one of my  one of my favorites.

In the comment section of this post please tell me what you favorite color is and why.  It does not have to be a lot of information, it can be as simple as how you feel you look in it or how it makes you feel to be surrounded by it or it is the color of your favorite flower.  I will choose one of your comments and you will win 2 of my fav, fun coloring books!!

Mason Dixie Knitting and Cotton and Steel.









Okay that’s enough birthday excitement for the today.  I have to get back out to the barn to work on some super secret colorways. Some days I feel like a little bit like and undercover dyer! The dye spy? Hmm…


All of you waiting to hear about the availability more of the Santa Rosa KAL Marine Silk Kits I am sorry for the delay. I do not want to put more up for sale quite yet. If you are interested you can drop us an email and we can put you on a wait list.  Thank you for your patience!!!

Congrats to joogle for for winning in the fav song contest. Please contact and she will hook you up with your book and yarn!

okay off to the barn to make a little more color magic a s a 58 yr old. mwahahaha!

Happy Friday!!!

Lightening my mood!











Isn’t this pretty? Remember our favorite dessert experience contest? Well this is one of our winners. LeAnn’s Blackberry Birthday.  I am in the middle of creating these and so far this one is my favorite. Jamoca Almond  Fudge is almost done but it needs a little more coffee and a little less fudge swirl. I know…things you never thought you would hear yourself say, too much fudge swirl.

I have a whole lot to tell you so you might want to grab a refreshing beverage and get cozy.

Monday rolls around and while I usually do not relish Mondays (who does really?)  lately I look forward to them because Debra is here.  If you can make Monday good you are all kids of wonderful!
So in waltzes Paula at 6 am and she makes a bee line right to me and gives me a big long hug. Well we are all huggers here so it’s not totally out of our normal but this hug, it felt different and it was.  Paula gave us her 3 week notice on Monday at 6 am. Proving yet again that timing is everything!

Now we have been working towards Paula phasing herself out of Blue Moon on a daily level and not doing the awful commute she does so, this is a really good thing. It’s good for her and we are super happy for her even if we are going to miss her dear smiling face, big ol’ heart, quirky sense of humor and sage wisdom so very much. We are also really going to miss her contributions to our potlucks. Paula is one hell of a cook.

Even when change is good and in the best interest of everyone involved it can still be challenging. Paula has tried leaving several times before and always comes back. ( That homing device totally worked!) I am thinking that this time it’s going to stick.  Yay Paula!!!! We LOVE you so very much, know that you are all kinds of wonderful and are going to miss you tons!

On that same day we had one of our new dyers just not show up.  Turns out she had a change in her life she needed to address and so we are now down a dyer. okay…it’s summer time I can roll with that. I’ll just production dye for awhile.

In the middle of all of this ( still Monday) the washer starts making an odd noise and stops working. Yup, when it rains it pours. I called Sears and the soonest they could get someone here is June 3rd. What the hell?? Seriously is there a shortage of repair workers. If so I missed that memo.  I called around and finally found a guy who actually came out today and helped us out.

We use the washer every single day, all day during the week to rinse and spin yarn so we can NOT be without one. All of which the Sears people could’ve cared less about but the local guy totally understood.  I was super proud of myself because I looked up the error code we were getting and found a work around so it would work until the guy showed today. I felt super handy!

So … we are dyeing out little hearts out on gradient kits, sock club, sparkle yarn and other such goodness when I hear from the mill that they were wrong about the stock they had of our Marine Silk Sport and that the yarn we were expecting to show up was not going to show up. Yeah, and there went Wednesday. Kaboom!

Now I have been running this business for 15 years and the one thing I do know with every fiber of my being, (pun totally intended) is that no matter how well you plan or you think you have planned, shit just happens!  People make mistakes and things we cannot control wreak havoc. I believe it is called life.  As much as I want to slam dunk someone here for messing with our little gradient party the fact is we all make mistakes.

I think the golden moment is in how you take responsibility, problem solve and correct the issue at hand, which the mill is doing by busting a move to get us our yarn in a timely fashion. I have been working with mills for years and I will tell you this is a super speedy quick turn around for a mill.

My part in all of this has been to not stress too much over something I could not control or let it color our experience. I worked hard on these subtle ombre’ gradient kits for Carol’s design. As most of you know I take color very seriously.

Believe it or not there was more happen this week but we creatively problem solved our way right out of most of it. We moved on through it all and hopefully learned enough that if it all happens again we at least know which repair man to call.

If you are part of the KAL  Carol has extended the start date to the 18th giving us enough time to get everyone their yarn as close to that as we possibly can.  We are going to send an email out next week with a discount code for everyone to use at your leisure anytime this year to make up for the delay and let you know we really appreciate your patience.

See I told you. It was a week. One the positive end of things my test results came back really good again. So yay!!  And my wonderful insurance agent Diane saved me a ton on a new car insurance policy. Happy dancing!

Okay onto the GIVE-AWAY!









Have you seen this lovely book that Tanis Gray put together of knits for little ones? It’s so cute! There are not one but two designs in there using our yarn.

We have a copy to give away ( Thank you Interweave!)  along with the yarn to make this cute little hat and mitten set!

IMG_4471 (1)










Adorable right?

Its the Rainbow Bonnet and Mitten Set by Lisa Chemery

All you have to do is comment here with your favorite song. You know how much I like a good story so if you have a story as why it is your favorite song all the better!

Team Blue Moon will choose a winner at the end of next week.

Okay it almost 4:00 which means I need to wrap things up so I can feed and walk the dog!

Thank you for listening. I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with joy laughter and knitting!

Oh….almost forgot. There is one spot left for our DYE DAY so if you wanted to paint some yarn now is your time.  We do hope you will come out and play even if you do not want to paint your own yarn. We will have an indigo vat going and of course the BARN SALE and tons and tons of fun!
Paula will be there too!

Carol Feller Santa Rosa KAL







Photo credit: Joseph Feller

I think most of us knitters love ourselves a knit-a-long. Why wouldn’t we really?  A KAL is made up of at least three of the things we knitters love the most; a fun pattern, wonderful yarns in great colors and other knitters working all together with a common goal.  Actually  it would be 4 things because at the end you have a lovely knit to wear that you made!!!  All kinds of win!


It is also all kinds of fun on this end, especially when you get to work with people you like and respect.  Choosing yarn with fiber type and weight in mind that works the best with the construction the designer has percolating. After we choose the yarn then working on a color palette that works for the season we are in and also with the design scheme. Lastly making sure all those aspects work together for a cohesive whole.

I had two of my favorite words in mind when working on our end of the KAL experience, collaboration and community. Collaboration with the designer and then again with knitter feedback and the community that just is knitting!                         Phot0 credit: Joseph Feller








Okay so here are the details for our part of Carol’s lovely Santa Rosa Plum KAL:

Santa Rosa Plum









Marine Silk Sport in the 4 skein kit size!

We decided  that Marine Silk Sport was a perfect yarn for a spring/summer cardigan. Lighter with all the silk in it and with an added drape benefit. I love our Marine Silks they are so soft and sleek with a nice sheen and… they take dye quite nicely!

We are offering a 15% discount on our Marine Silk Sport from now until early June. The discount is good for both the gradient kits I’ve put together and also for skeins of Marine Silk Sport not in kits. In order to get your 15% off you have to sign up with Carol and then she will email you the discount code.

I have been wanting to do gradient kits for awhile now but…all kinds of other things seem to take precedent so when Carol asked me to do this I thought to myself perfect, now I have the best excuse to start some grading.

As we worked on this Carol and I decided that these needed to be more subtle gradients so that the changes between them flowed. The Plum colored kit does have the most variation. So I did some tweaking to make sure the colors  met well. It does make things a little tricky on the production end of all this. However, we have color-coded tabs and we know how to use them!!! I made up a whole system!

I’ve created 6 gradient kits each with 3 size options. 

4 skein kit = sizes 34 and 36
5 skein kit = sizes 38.75, 40 and 42.75
6 skein kit = sizes 44.75, 47.25 and 49.25

(The kits are priced a tiny bit higher than single skeins because it is quite a bit more labor intensive for us.)

I did the color creating and photography for the kits in our Featherlight which takes the dye in a similar way as the Marine Silk. Because of the Sea Cell aspect, Marine Silk, does take the dye a bit lighter so keep this in mind when ordering.  We will be offering these and more gradient kits in the near future in our Featherlight yarn.

IMG_1769 (1)










One can most certainly knit this lovely summer cardi in a shaded solid! Also if you want a more dramatic color shift then choosing and putting together colors from our shaded solids will also work. For example one could choose:  Enchanted Forest, Spawn of Scum, Pond Scum and Primordial Ooze. I know my scummy heart would love that one. Or you could get really crazy and mix it up with maybe some  Smoke on the Water, Morticia, Boysenberry and Orchid Queen, so very many colorful places to go.

As always please do let us know if we can help you choose! It’s truly one of my favorite jobs, color collaboration!

Okay I think that covers most of the details on our end of things.