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A Mystery and a Race



Let’s start with the Mystery shall we. Since the first one was so fabulous, Star Athena and I have dreamed up another Mystery KAL.

Welcome to INTERVAL  that link (yes that one there on the left) gives you everything you need to know to sign up. Once you do that then you’ll have the discount code you need to purchase your BFL Fingering BFL Fingering Superwash (BFL Fingering is out, so the BFL Fingering Superwash is a substitute) from the Blue Moon website . If you happen to be in a city that has one of our stockists (otherwise know as a yarn store) then please, by all means, check in with them to see what they have on hand.

NOTE: We are not substituting the Superwash BFL on orders that already exist. If you ordered the regular BFL Fingering yarn that is what you are getting.

I have picked a few color combinations, took some pictures, had some silly fun with name play and am posting them here. If you do not see anything that strikes your fancy please do comment here or email for help. I love this part of the job!!

Before we move onto our hue viewing let’s talk about our race.

This year Blue Moon is one of the sponsors for the Tour-de-Sock which we are pretty excited about since, it’s about socks and, well… you know how we feel about socks. What’s I think is really cool about Tour-de-Sock is that it really is a challenge. You can take my word for, it I’ve seen things. So, if you want to challenge your sock knitting self, have some crazy fun (There are teams with cool names, good natured heckling and prizes!) and… if that weren’t enough, raising money for Doctor’s without Borders in the process.  A win for all!

As promised hue duos for Interval Mystery KAL:  I couldn’t resist the name thing here. I apologize it was just to much fun to pass up. I was sorely tempted to put them together just for the name amusement aspect itself but then I got a hold of myself and moved on. Another time maybe.

Believe it or not ( my kids do not) I am off tomorrow to go judge a marmalade contest. I know. I’ve developed a thing. My latest batch was smoked pink grapefruit soaked in Jasmine green tea overnight then cooked down, sweetened a bit and topped of with a shot of Southern Comfort. It’s quite wonderful. My son has take to calling me the Marmalady. I haven’t yet decided how I feel about that.  I’m telling you all of this, so you understand if I do not respond to your color inquiries right away. I promise to check in a few times over the weekend.
Ok off to pack. I have yet to pack a thing.  Plenty of time… Right?