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Time for a change

If all goes according to plan.  Ouch typing that sentence gave me a spasm. We’re ignoring it.  Yes we are. Just because life keeps throwing curve balls your way doesn’t mean you come to expect them. Nope it just means you learn to duck maybe a little quicker.

Ok back to the plan. The plan is to have a colour change next week and to add new colours fresh out of the box I call a brain.  Its been interesting in the barn. I seem to be fluctuating between a deep dark brooding and maybe a little twisted tonal range and a bright in your face, “ yes, I am just all that” one.  Dye work is usually good therapy for me but this seems more like some sort of intensive where the two dominant emotional themes in my life at this time are working themselves out on yarn.  Hmmm… this could get ugly. Might need another apron and a new pair of gloves. 

Anyway if you have any favorites you would like to see back please let us know.

We’ll do our best to make your colour dreams come true. 

Time to go rustle teenage girls out of bed for school. An aprons so not going to cut it for this job. Maybe a shield?

Ok I’m a strong woman I can do this.

List of colours taking a little break to make room for the newbies and “others”.

Apple Valley Rd Backstabber Bejeweled
Citrine Cobalt Bloom Emerald Isle
Fairgrounds Crazylace Agate Foo Foo
Gail’s Autumn Joy Harlotty Ilanaaq
Mermaid Mr.Green Jeans Milestone
My Little Colour Brain Mystic Kelp Peacock
Rabia Sedona Siren Song
Spaun of Braun Spot Rock 1 Storytime
Thistle Lapis Peaseblossom