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If at first you don’t succeed…

Even though you’ve tried seventeen ways to Sunday to fix it and still… You’ve tried every single way that makes sense at least to you.

Every single way that all the techies you know have told you to do including some creative put one hand behind your back and twist to the left and then plug it in but only if the moon is full in Cancer.  Like really if the moon is full in Libra, DO NOT plug it in to that port on the left.

Even if you’ve reasoned with it (just asking it to do the job I hired it to do) , singing to it ( it likes Abba way too much), bribing it ( I promised it brand new fancy coloured wiring and if it was really good a sexy new modem friend) and then finally, and I’m not proud of this, the threats. Something like you stupid piece of @#$%^%$#@@#$%^ I’m should just rip you out of the wall and be done with you.

So what do you do if none of that works and you can’t seem to find an expert to help. Yup, you guessed it. A bit of a temper tantrum.

I threw a big giant fit ( ask Debra she listened to my tirade).  I ranted and raved and stormed around and maybe shed a tear or two and then got smart and went for a cooling down walk. 

While I was gone I thought about what a network system is and what I’ve done with yarn and knitting and realized I was approaching this all wrong. So I got back and called my extremely smart and talented son and we talked through it and then we both opened a beer ( because networking requires beer) and broke out the brand new Cisco E3000 router and went to work.  We brainstormed and tested and tested some more to make sure we had the right problem to solve. It really kind of sucks to solve a problem you don’t really have. Ask me how I know?

Anyway I unplugged and replugged and moved this and that and wondered why they were even there and then plugged in the very sexy (it so is) E3000 and did everything it told us to do. Even though in all honesty neither one of us are that great at following step by step instructions. We did and viola it worked Like it really worked.  I went around to every single computer and tested the internets and printers capabilities and if it could connect to the server and… they all could and did.  It all worked and it worked way better than it ever had.  I did a happy dance and tickled the hell out of my son. I think he was maybe even a bit proud and certainly relieved.

And the best part. I understand this now. I get it the whole hub/switch box thing and the modems and router and all the wires from the barn and the dsl and and phone lines and server connection and who goes where and why.

I am no longer the blue moon network systems bitch. I am not afraid or intimidated by those wires and cables anymore.  We are all coworkers and are now establishing on a friendly relationship based on mutual understanding and resolution.

I even promised that next time maybe I would try the walk first.


Who’s the router?  Oh yeah this is the router. Meet my new friend the Cisco Kid.

So now that that dragon is slain tamed and I’ve dealt with my “stuff” about computer related wires. Hell it’s about the same as a sound system ( previous life as a sound techie) so seriously don’t know what my issue was here.

I’m going to spend the day in the barn dyeing silk.  Silk hankies, silk yarns, silk top, maybe a cocoon or two. So excited.