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Name that Colourway WINNERS!

After several nights of tossing and turning with wickedly weird dreams involving Jessica Rabbit serving raspberry cordials, blood orange cosmos, orange fizzes and all kinds of pumpkin concoctions to her animated type cronies. The best part of these dreams, besides the raging orange aura, was the colourway subtitles running all the way through every scene.  Absolutely most memorable scene; Jessica serving an orange fizz to Felix the Cat in a tutu ( just dated myself) while the line,”lemon drops keep falling on my head” flash over them.

I love the part of my job that involves naming the colours. I love sharing this part of my job even more. These are some crazy cool suggestions. When we’ve been able to surface from the massive order influx we’ve laughed until tears are rolling.

I’m so inspired by your suggestions ( and my dream) that I want to waltz out to the barn and dye to the names. Maybe this winter when all is gray and cold we’ll play with some of this warmth and joy.

It was really hard to choose.  I really wish I had 2 skeins of each from that dye day because I’d combine a few but alas I do not. I did find that I had 2 Mr. Blank so I did pick 2 for that one. I hope you don’t mind, I just couldn’t help myself.

I bet you’d like me to shut up and tell you who won eh?

1.  Tweety Bird > Naomi

2.  What’s up buttercup? > Laura

3.  Darlin’ Clemetine > Katy

4.  Orange you glad I didn’t say banana? >Amelia

6.  Tigerlily > Stacy

Mr.Blank.  Persephone’s Persimmons endow Mr. Blank with Big Girl Panty power.  > Mel and Val

A big round of knitterly applause to you all for the creativity and to Naomi, Laura, Katy, Amelia, Stacy, Mel and Val.  Winners if you could email me your addresses at then I could get you yarn out to you.

Thanks everyone for playing. Great fun!

As you know it was our intention to put these colours up this week along with our seasonal favs. Due to a very large influx of orders we’re waiting until next week to do this so we can get caught up.

The Knitting Daily e-newsletter featured us and a discount coupon and came out on the 7th. Since then we’ve been hard and heavy in a very short period of time. We are doing our best to get all orders out in the time frame we promise which is 5 to 10 business days.  We most certainly will be on the 10 day end of this.

We’ve called in the knitter troops to help but what we really need is for the air here to be not so laden with moisture. It’s during these moments that I’m thankful I invested in the expensive monstrosity that takes up a third of the ceiling and pulls moisture out of the barn.  GO Betty!

Yes, we do name everything.


Doesn’t everyone?